Nokia WING to offer worldwide IoT connectivity for HMD Global’s enterprise data solution

Nokia announced today a partnership with HMD Global regarding the use of Nokia’s Worldwide IoT  Network Grid or shortly WING. Nokia’s WING will be providing connectivity for HMD’s Connect Pro which is a global data SIM management solution aimed for enterprises.

HMD will be offering Connect Pro to companies that need to track connected assets in real-time, wherever they are, using a single platform for greater visibility, security and productivity. This will be suitable for logistics companies, healthcare distributors, energy providers and any other industries that need a better insight in their movable assets over single management platform.


HMD Global plans to offer its own hardware and data plan through Enable Pro which is already available and using over 600 networks in 180+ countries. We still don’t have a clear confirmation if HMD is planning on just offering smartphones and accessories, or there will be other devices for enterprises like a tablet that just got certified in Russia.

Using the Nokia WING technology agnostic IoT Connectivity Enablement as a service, HMD Global will be able to deliver seamless connectivity across the globe. HMD Global will be using multi-operator SIMs that will connect with the best available network and transmit IoT data using the nearest Nokia Core node. The enterprises should have a low latency real-time monitoring thanks to Nokia’s IoT solution, and if something goes wrong, there is Nokia WING IoT Command Center which operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.