Nokia XR20 certified with Android 12 which signals the update release

Nokia XR20 was spotted running Android 12 on Geekbench in November 2021. That implanted a thought that the next major update could be soon coming, but it obviously didn’t happen.

Nevertheless, it could be happening soon now since Nokia XR20 got certified by Google for the Android 12 update. The certification means that the update itself could be released rather soon, maybe even in the coming week. The exact release date is not known, but whenever a Nokia device gets certified, the update is released in a matter of days.

The currently most expensive Nokia device should be the fourth Nokia smartphone to get the Android 12 after Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G50. While this is great news, an official update release roadmap would be quite a nice thing to have.

Cheers to Eero for the tip and screenshot.