New LTE Nokia feature phone spotted in China *UPDATE: It’s Nokia 220 4G*

Earlier this week, we got the news that the Nokia 5310 is already available for pre-order in China. This is while some other manufacturers struggle to get their supply to distributors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it looks like Nokia Mobile is gearing to launch yet another feature phone, as evident on the TENAA database.

The new feature phone, model number TA-1148, looks similar to the popular Nokia 105. However, comparing the specifications, it seems way out of line. This makes us think that it can be an entirely new series.

First of all, all the Nokia 105 phones from the past only work on 2G bands. The TA-1148, on the other hand, works on both TD-LTE and FD-LTE bands (with VoLTE support). It also has a relatively larger 1200mAh battery, compared to the 800mAh battery of the previous iterations. The new large battery might be an indication of a more powerful OS than Series 30+. Perhaps KaiOS? We are not sure yet.

The display is a large 2.4-inch TFT panel, compared to the 1.77-inch panel of the Nokia 105 (2019). Of course, a bigger screen comes with a better 240×320 resolution versus the 120×160 of last year. This makes it somehow on par with the Nokia 8110 4G or the newer Nokia 5310. The phone also comes with a camera, but there’s no mention of anything in the TENAA page. Perhaps it is the same VGA sensor from the Nokia 5310.

We don’t know what Nokia Mobile is trying to achieve with this, but this will literally put the Nokia 5310 in a weird position – knowing it isn’t even on 3G or 4G.

Finally, the TENAA listing says that it will be available in both Black or Cyan/Turquoise.

Nokia TA-1148 Specifications

  • 2.4-inch TFT panel, 240×320 resolution
  • 0.5GHz single-core processor
  • 4MB (?) RAM
  • 16MB internal storage, upgradeable up to 32GB
  • VGA (?) rear-facing camera
  • TD-LTE, FD-LTE (with support for VoLTE)
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Black, Cyan/Turquoise

Updated: It seems that this is the Nokia 220 4G announced last year and not some new device. The device was listed on 8th April, meaning it found its way to the Chinese markets. It took some time, but the 220 4G should soon be available for customers in China.