Android 12 tested for Nokia XR20 too

After testing the latest Android software version for Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia G50, Nokia Mobile is probably doing some Android 12 testing for Nokia XR20. The rugged Nokia smartphone is the last one to pop up on Geekbench running Android 12, which suggests that the update is in its final testing stages before the release. It does make sense for Nokia Mobile to test and prepare Android 12 update simultaneously for Nokia X series devices and Nokia G50 since all of them are using the same SD480 5G processor. Android 12 has been available as an beta Build for developers, but it is recommended to wait for the stable version since our Mr.Mobile wasn’t so happy with the performance of his X20 on early beta build.

The results for single and multiple core tests are pretty much the same with marginal differences, which is also expected. So, we do know that Android 12 is being tested on the latest Nokia devices, and Geekbench results suggest the tests are almost done, the only thing that remains now is the release date of the update.

While I would like to see Android 12 on my XR20 tomorrow, I think that Nokia Mobile should finish up the release of Android 11 to all of its eligible devices first. Owners of Nokia 9 PureView and some owners of Nokia 7.2 are still waiting for the update, so do make that a priority too.

Anyways, imagine if four models receive Android 12 the same day. That would be a tremendous achievement for any brand and definitely a good PR for Nokia.