Marc Dillon of Jolla visits Nokia Chronicles

Aussies have did it again. They brought a real rock star, and ex-Nokia and unfortunately now an ex-Jolla dude, Marc Dillon. Many might know marc as a founder of Jolla back in 2011. He was working on the development of MeeGo software for Nokia N9 and when it got cancelled, Marc together with other Nokians started Jolla.

I still remember that Slush 2012 when Marc and the crew stepped up on a podium and presented Jolla, their Sailfish and a few unfinished hardware pieces that would run Sailfish.

Marc is a software guy, a great talker and I really enjoyed listening how he started with Nokia and how he grew inside the company that was rather entrepreneurial back in 2000. This got him stuck with the company and took him to Symbian and later to Linux based operating system. There he started working on Maemo precursor which was a software used with Nokia N800 and later on N900. What comes after that is pretty recent history that includes Nokia N9, Burning memo, starting up of the Jolla and Sailfish OS.

Marc revealed how Nokia collapsed because of the internal fights between the software divisions (generally the grandeur of Symbian) and general slowness with a crucial cancellation of good products. He also said that the good guy Nokia was really generous to its ex people and they backed them up financially and even with licenses so the folks could start fresh but not from the bottom.

I recommend spending almost two hours with this episode of Nokia Chronicles. Just click the image and enjoy if Nokia trivia that many don’t know but wonderful people from Nokia gladly share.

Cheers to Adrian and Justin for a great show!