Nokia Mobile has the most Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones available at every price point

Nokia Mobile has been committed to Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program of certificating Android devices for use in business. Basically, every Nokia devices announced running Android One has been certified by the AER program. posted an interesting insight about the Android Enterprise Recommended program and its value to business users. The shared insights also checked how many AER devices are out there and globally they counted 140 AER devices of which 17 are from Nokia Mobile. A quick glance at Google’s AER catalog confirms that.

In India, there are 40 AER devices and 40% of them (16) are from Nokia Mobile. Motorola is ranked second, both globally and locally in India.

It’s also interesting to point out that some manufacturers have their own security solution, with the most famous probably being Samsung’s Knox. So, if a device isn’t AER certified doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely unsafe for any enterprise use, but having the AER certificate surely helps Nokia Mobile devices to gain traction in the business space.

A big selling factor for Nokia Mobile smartphones in enterprise is that there is at every price point a Nokia device belonging to the AER program, so security doesn’t have to come at a huge cost. Nokia Mobile also has a dedicated “enterprise” section on their website for companies to check the device and contact for a deal.