New diagonals of QLED Nokia TV’s are now available

Austrian company StreamView announced its first QLED NOKIA TV last year. The new TV actually uses a standard LCD with Quantum Dot film on top of it instead of OLED panel. This film is making the panel more bright without raising the price of the device. The same technology is used by Samsung and other TV manufacturers for the affordable TV sets.

StreamView announced first 65 inch and 75 inch TV‘s, priced at €1,199.90 and €1,499.00, respectively. However, the company hinted that smaller diagonals of the QLED series should be coming too. The new diagonals available are 43″ at 649€, 55″ for 849″, and 58″ Nokia TV for 899€.

The hardware that runs Android TV OS, responsible for the word smart  in TV’s name, is pretty much the same for all the models. It differs only in the length of the panel and strength of the speakers. StreamView unfortunately hasn’t updated the internal memory and RAM, which are still kept at 8/1.5GB even for the most expensive 70 inch TV. Also, the WiFi and BT standards are also the same as on 4300A, but that will work like a charm for a long time.

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