Nokia 4.2 and 3.2 getting new Builds

Nokia 3.2 and 4.2 – first phones from the multi-ODM strategy

Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 3.2 were announced together at MWC2019 and together are receiving new updates, like a proper announcement brothers.

Nokia 4.2 and Nokia 3.2 users tipped that a new Android 11 Build update is available for their phones. Nokia 4.2 got the Build update (V3.240) which has 429 MB and brings a December security patch. Nokia 3.2 also received a new Android Build, but its version is funnily V3.239. The update brings 430 MB of UI enhancements and system improvements with the December security patch.


I’m super happy to say that my G50 just got the Android 12 update and that it works fine. I haven’t noticed any bugs so far, but I will keep you posted if anything pops up.
Big thanks to Branko and Krishna K that tipped and sent screenshots.

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