Camera comparison between iPhone 11 Pro and Nokia 9 PureView

The YouTube channel WillItBeatNokia did usually excellent camera comparison between the new iPhone 11 Pro and Nokia 9 PureView. He/she tested the 12 MP shooters in daylight and low light. The 1.4 um pixels from iPhone 11 Pro camera did a great job in both light conditions, and Nokia 9 PureView followed it in daylight conditions by providing more accurate colors and object representation. But, when the Sun went down, all the might of iPhone 11 Pro’s camera surfaced. Also, 2X zoom is much better on iPhone (photo of the statue in gallery). Here are some screenshots from the video, but I recommend watching it in HD.


Check the video below.

Nokia 9 PureView just couldn’t match advanced algorithms that Apple created. Well, we know that a former Nokian Ari Partinen was involved in the development of iPhone’s camera, so its great performance doesn’t come as a surprise. Even the guy/gal behind WillItBeatNokia said that the camera of Nokia 9 PV isn’t a match for iPhone 11 Pro’s camera.

Do you agree on this guys? It Nokia 9 PV camera so behind the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera? I think that Apple created a well rounded and capable camera, that can capture great video and photos in both daylight and low light condition. That doesn’t surprise me much since Apple has resources to create great cameras. I wonder why it didn’t create an even better one.