HERE is a leader in location platform business, ahead of Google

Many of you remember HERE from Nokia (Lumia) devices when Here Maps were the only usable offline navigation app. Nokia did a great job with HERE, but after the demise of the devices and Services department, HERE was a burden for Nokia, so it was sold to the carmaker conglomerate. HERE continued on its own, and I remember thinking about what do they have to offer besides its navigation app, which was rather good but unfortunately on the wrong platform at that time. But, HERE just has kept on bringing new ways of using navigation data, navigation, positioning, indoor maps and many more. HERE now has over 40 different products or capabilities as Counterpoint calls it in its very well written post about location platform leaders.

Counterpoint released their Location Platform Vendor Scorecard that holds 25+ mapping and location platform vendors divided into three categories; leaders, regional champions & emerging leaders and market specialists. They evaluated thoroughly different companies in maps data, location intelligence and services, platform, developer services and so on. HERE took first place for the fifth year in a row, just in front of Google and TomTom, which are also marked as leaders.

While HERE developed products and services such as HERE Anonymizer, HERE Consent Manager, EV Routing, ISA Map thus becoming an ideal partner for the technology industry, Google focuses on Android, and it is thriving there with many users. TomTom is holding third place with a focus in the automotive industry.

While Nokia shed all of the departments we grew to appreciate, HERE is still with us. You can download renewed HERE We Go app that still works perfectly offline.

I recommend reading the post at Counterpoint site, which provides a good insight into the navigation and mapping business.

Thanks SirFaceFone for the tip