Nokia Chronicles is back with new season and a great opening guest

Aussies are back with a new season of Nokia Chronicles, a place that gathers all the folks that had something to do or are still doing something with Nokia, the company that now just owns a brand. Adrian and Justin opened up a new season with a great guest, a dude that used to be the Editor in Chief of Nokia Conversations.

The name of a guest is Phil Schwarzmann, a guy that used to work at Nokia for almost 10 years in Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Communications. Running the Nokia Conversations blog is good enough for me to have huge respect for the guy. Phil explained how his team managed to create the most read corporate blog to date, how was working with the S60 software team in their special building and explained as a non-crier why he cried for four times in his life.

One thing that Phil mentioned in the podcast, and I totally agree with him, is that all the Nokia promo video content created from early 2000 till the very end of the Nokia smartphone story should be re-released somewhere. When Microsoft bought Nokia Devices and Services Department, all the videos were gone, especially after Microsoft was done making smartphones. All the promo, demo and other videos, especially those made by Connects team are a part of a Nokia brand history, and there should be a digital museum of Nokia stuff.

Phil talked also about how Nokia was investing a lot in the community, and how big effort the marketing teams did to keep the Nokia emotion ongoing. They would even ret a villa for fans and would bring Nokia engineers to chat with them. Anyway, this was a great episode that lasts 1 hour and 19 minutes, but it was super interesting from the beginning till the end, all thanks to Phil’s great stories.


Thanks, Aussies for this one!