Samsung reveals Bothie on S21 FE 5G as “Epic” Dual Recording

On January 4, Samsung announced a device that any Nokia fan or user would love to see with the beloved logo on it. But there are some similarities between Samsung and Nokia devices. The first is the complicated name.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is a smartphone that combines the best hardware of the flagship model, but with some differences to make this device more accessible to fans. The device features the latest Qualcomm or Exynos 5 nm processor, Gorilla Victus glass, IP68 water and dust protection, fast wired (25W) and wireless (15W) charging of the 4500 mAh battery, 32 MP front camera, and a price that is €250 higher than the Nokia XR20.

The other commonality with Nokia’s mid-range devices is the use of the Bothie or Dual Sight camera mode. Samsung calls it Epic Dual Recording™️, and guess what, Samsung has even branded it.

Some have made fun of Nokia Mobile for introducing Bothie with the Nokia 8 in 2017, so Nokia Mobile stopped advertising the feature. But now that Samsung has introduced Epic Dual Recording, Nokia Mobile could at least commend the Korean smartphone maker for revisiting something it introduced a few years ago. It would be a nice PR spin.

This is how Nokia advertised it before it was cool.

Do you use Dual Sight in video mode on Nokia devices? It’s a nice option for concerts, but a 32 MP selfie cam would be nice to make that kind of video better. The Nokia 8.3 5G is an ideal phone for this, or the Samsung galaxy S21 FE 5G.


Thanks SirFaceFone for bringing this one up 😉