Who is bigger, Nokia 8 or “Bothie”?

HMD believes that “Bothie” could be Selfie is a menace of its own. It started a few years ago, actually even before, but the mobile phone industry was responsible for selfie to become alive as a term in the dictionary.

Nokia, or HMD Global knows that selfies are still in and it tried to take a turn on it and offered “Bothie”, or photo that will combine selfie and back camera photo. Nokia 8 is the first phone that is able to take good quality front and back photos since it has a 13 MP sensors on both sides of the phone. This feature could be popular with some vlogers, or instagramers that want to combine their own face and their point of view. HMD Global thinks that Bothie could be a thing and it seriously started promoting this feature of the Nokia 8. Actually, Nokia 8 is much more than a bothie phone, but this could make her even more special than having three 13 MP cameras, 2K screen, passive cooling and beautifully carved aluminum body.


HMD is showing bothie feature even in the official video from the event that is published on the twitter.

What do you think guys, is “bothie” going to be a thing? The placement of the FFC photo on the main camera photo has been a thing for years now, but HMD wants to give both photos equal meaning. This could be cool, and I’m glad to see that commercial with examples of how to make a bothie are being done. Nokia promoted its OZO camera in the same way and succeeded so it could HMD with Bothie Nokia 8. The only problem here is that in my mind “Bothie“ often twists into booty. Hope I’m not the only one ?

Well, when we get a Nokia 8 for a test, we’ll give it a try.