New cancelled Nokia phones emerging

You have to love the Greeks, because they are always setting new trends. Dimitrios Vlachos has started unvealing cancelled and forgotten models from Nokia’s prolific past. After showing us the Nokia Senna, Dimitrios popped up with the Nokia Colombus, a model that gave us the Nokia N8.

I do not know how he came into possession of the model, but I am grateful he shared it with Nokia fans. The Nokia Colombus (RM -581) was developed in 2009 as a concept device that eventually became the Nokia N8.

Now he unveiled the Nokia Neo, an iPod-like Nokia device developed in 2003 or 2004. This prototype looks like the Nokia 3650 and ran the Series 40 OS. If the phone ever reached the final development stage, it would appear at the same time as the Nokia 7600 and Nokia 7280.

This is an interesting design, probably developed by Nokia as a contrast to the Apple iPod. The mechanical wheel was the only way to operate the device, which was sold in blackand white with interchangeable frontand back covers.

Another Twitter user posted a photo of a device that looks like a Nokia Neo, with a sliding keyboard and up/down controls next to the physical scroll wheel. Check how Nokia meant for you to control the user interface.

The Greek started, and now the rest of the civilization is following. Another prototype emerged.

Another Tweeter user replied with a photo of the Nokia RM -563, which is most likely the discontinued Nokia Theodore feature phone.

This is a true fight and the only one I support. I wonder how many prototypes and discontinued devices are still stored in the drawers of former Nokia employees and fans. Bring ’em on up, boys and girls.