Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 8.3 5G get security update

Nokia Mobile and its monthly and OS update schedule are under the magnifying glass because of the Android 11 OS update cancellation for the Nokia 9 Pureview. While monthly security updates may be an undesirable activity for some (blame Windows updates for that), these updates are a good indicator that a company is taking good care of its smartphone portfolio and paying attention to its security. Especially if it’s a company that is slowly but surely shifting its business focus to B2B.

Users of the Nokia 9PV are especially eager for updates. So, they will be happy to hear that the December security patch is available for their beloved phone. The update is 4.93 MB in size, so it’s a piece of cake for mighty 9PV.

A new monthly security update is also available for the Nokia 8.3 5G, which is currently the best Nokia Android 11 smartphone that should be updated to Android 12. The update brings the November patch (headline photo – 75.87 MB), so the December patch is still pending. Users across the EU will get the update, so check your Nokia 8.3 and make it safe.

While it is commendable that updates are still arriving in more or less regular intervals, it would be even better that both devices are receiving the update for the same month.


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