Hands on with the new Nokia 8.3 5G camera app by Techmesto

The long awaited Nokia 8.3 5G should finally go on sale this month, bringing 5G support to the Nokia smartphone portfolio, as well as some new camera tricks. Techmesto got a hold on the Nokia Camera APK that will be shipped with the Nokia 8.3 5G that comes with some new and some old features that were removed some time ago.

While the photo mode stayed more or less the same as on other Nokia smartphones, the video options are improved. There is a macro mode for the macro camera, wide-angle mode and the normal video mode for the 64MP primary camera. Bothie for videos is also there called “Dual-Sight” and Nokia Mobile also put an “Action” mode with increased stabilisation while recording.

Credit: Techmesto

The biggest news are the cinema mode with the full pro mode in vide recording. The cinema mode allows the user to set different video resolutions/formats (21:9, 24fps, 4K etc.) and also displays the values for ISO, shutter speed, exposure and more. There are also controls for OZO Audio, mainly the Windscreen option and there is also a video editor.

The feature that made a comeback are watermarks. With the Nokia 8.3 you will be able to add more watermarks on your pictures in different styles. While for many this might be an unnecessary feature, I see a lot of photos with “shot on phone X” posted online and shared, mainly because a lot of manufacturers decide to put a watermark as a default while taking photos.

We will know the full power of the new camera app version once the 8.3 is out and comes on review. By then, do check Techmesto’s overview for more details.

Thanks SirFaceFone for the tip. 🙂