Marques brings some Nokia history while talking of modern photography

Marques Brownlee was talking about smartphone cameras and how they change the world we see through computational photography. Basically, MKBHD is kind of saying that smartphones are making it over simple for the user which now doesn’t have to Snapseed the photo for posting it online or sharing it with others. Well, that is what I like about modern smartphones, a good or even great point and shoot device since I don’t have time to play with the settings and just need a good shot when I take my device.

But, sometimes it is hard to take a good shot instantly and clever software can help you deal even with that. So, Marques talked about some fresh new camera features of new smartphones where the device takes multiple shots and later you can edit heads of people to get the best smile, or even remove people from photos. And then Marques pointed well that this technology was there almost 10 years ago and it was introduced by Nokia for its Lumia series of devices through a camera app (kill me, I forgot the name of the app).

This video is just another late coming appreciation of Nokia’s ingenuity and a recognition that the Finns were years ahead of all the rest, something like Samsung and Huawei are doing with foldable phones. Well, I remember that Nokia was working on foldable screens back in 2013. There was a demo of a foldable device, or bendable to be true at Slush 2013, which could be controlled by bending it completely. And a year later, at the end of 2014, Nokia demonstrated a foldable phone it was working on. And here we are, enjoying durable and nicely designed SD480 powered Nokia smartphones. I miss that old and adventurous good guy Nokia!


Cheers SirFaceFone for bringing tears to my eyes and for going through some posts I did 8 years ago on our Croatian site.