Nokia published nice video that present its current interests

What I always admired about Nokia was its dedication to simply showing what the company is doing by giving use case scenarios. Nokia published two rather interesting videos which are usually not a magnet for views, but one is a classic Nokia cartoon that explains why the Finns are working so diligently on patenting its tech. Well, the main reason is securing the profitability of R&D money spent, but also to protect its knowledge and experience from being used unfairly by others.

Nokia licensing its patents video

Another video is a real one filmed in Oulu, the home of radio. It is showing the Nokia R&D lab, testing rooms, servers, drones, and whatever the folks are doing there. I know I’d like to enter inside that foamy room, looks pretty interesting. Something like from Stargaze series.

Nokia seems to be testing its radios like Nokia Mobile is testing its smartphones. Even though the radios don’t look as fragile as smartphones, they are constantly exposed to elements and thus need to be properly tested to see if they can stand on top of a high building and transmit the data we are now seeing.

Nokia Oulu – Home of Radio

Oulu is also an interesting site since Nokia announced that it will be building a new campus there on the Linnanmaa-Ritaharju plot, and the complex should be completed somewhere during 2025. Nokia will be developing 5G tech there, and probably get ready for the 6G. They are up so far north that the Oulu campus must definitely be developing radio tech for Santa Clause.