Season 2 of Nokia Chronicles announced

Nokia Chronicles is coming back. Those Aussie beautiful bastards announced on Twitter that Nokia Chronicles will be seeing its second season, unfortunately. Adrian Hughes and Justin Cohen are planning to bring more Nokia nostalgia to the surface by interviewing folks involved in any possible way with the beloved Nokia company.

Adrian tweeted that in 2022 will be getting bigger guests, bigger memories and bigger laughter (hope it is not jokes about Nokia Mobile buying all the SD480 chips). I personally do hope the Aussies will be able to bring Stephen Elop to the podcast and ask him to reveal how many Greeks can Trojan horse carry.

The new season of Nokia Chronicles is starting on 1.15.2022. according to Aussies which is January 15th 2022, in the rest of the world. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify and

Have you been listening to season one of Nokia Chronicles? I have problems choosing the best episode since Aussies had great guests, but the funniest one is definitely with two Nokia legends, Tom Messett and John Kneeland.