Nokia 6708 was a powerful answer to PDA’s of the time

Everybody knows what Nokia used to be and what that brand meant to people. Numerous of their models were announced before its time, and one of those is Nokia 6708. This Symbian 7 powered device was Nokia’s attempt on PDA’s like I mate Pocket PC which was making people drop jaws a year before.

But, Nokia gave the world a true smartphone with a 1.3 MP camera and a 2.7-inch wide resistive display that could be controlled by a stylus. I remember while I was drooling for Nokia N90, I managed to get my hands on Nokia N70, but later I only wished to try using Nokia 6708.

Nokia was really ahead of its time back in the day and was a leader in the industry of smartphones. While I’m grateful for Nokia Mobile’s efforts of bringing this glorious brand back from the dead, Nokia phones today are far away from what they were back in the days. But, I might be too harsh since some phones are unfairly underrated like Nokia 8.3 5G, for example. This phone might be clunky and over-dimensioned, but it has a nice widescreen and great main camera that can take really nice daylight and low light shots.

If you check the comparison shots made by Twitter user @theoriginal086, you’ll see that Nokia 8.3 5G can match Vivo X70 Proplus, which is a phone that Nokia fans would like to see in the Nokia portfolio.

Well, who knows, maybe now that Nokia Mobile is financially stable, we could see a Nokia device similar to Vivo X70 Proplus, or at least something that Nokia 6708 was back in 2005.


Idea for the post (except the gorgeous Nokia 6708).