Nokia X100 disassembly video (TechnoRabin)

Nokia X100 disassembly video – Source: TechnoRabin

Nokia X100 is an affordable 5G Nokia smartphone aimed at the American market or US carrier T-Mobile to be precise. This smartphone resembles Nokia X10, not just by design, so the Nokia X100 name doesn’t surprise us well. The one thing that does surprise us is the attractive price tag in the US, and it makes me question if Nokia X100 could be available worldwide also.


But, there are some differences between Nokia X10 and Nokia X100 and those are seen inside. The arrangement of the internal components, mainly chipset, is slightly different, but the rest of the device seems to have many in common with Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Nokia X20, Nokia X10 and Nokia X100 disassembled


The principal design philosophy is basically the same. All the hardware components are divided in three parts, mainboard with cameras, battery compartment and charging and speaker board, and all protects the aluminium frame, just as in X20 and X10 (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Aluminum frame of Nokia X100

Judging by the video, X100 doesn’t seem too hard to repair. Disassembly video was done by Techno Rabin