Nokia G50 tested with Android 12

A New Android version on a smartphone can be a decision point for some to eventually go and grab that particular device. Manufacturers used to release new phones with the latest Android version and delay the update for older but still a good phone to get folks to buy the latest model. Nokia Mobile is using the same tactics, and the fine example is Nokia X20, or Nokia 8.1 before it and so on, which were the first devices to get the beta version of the latest Android OS and the first one to get the stable version.

Nokia X20 first popped up running Android 12 back in August, and since then Nokia X10 has been tested running the same OS version. Now, it seems that Nokia Mobile is also testing Nokia G50 since that phone popped up on Geekbench with Android 12 running on it. Nokia G50 scored pretty much the same result on a Geekbench test as Nokia X10 and Nokia X20. That doesn’t surprise anyone since all of the mentioned smartphones are using Snapdragon 480 5G chipset.

The best Single-Core Score for G50 is 504, and Multi-Core Score is 1629, just as it is for the rest of the X devices.

This info doesn’t mean that Nokia G50 will be the first Nokia phone to get Android 12, but it does mean that the G series won’t be waiting a lot to get the latest OS update after the X series gets covered. Hopefully, there won’t be long till we see Nokia XR20 on the Geekbench running Android 12. That is the most expensive Nokia smartphone right now :).