The list of devices using Nokia OZO Audio and Playback software

Nokia Technologies has, or had, a department that produced one of the best 360 HD cameras back in the day. The camera was named OZO, and you can still see it in our title photo. It looks so cute that it stayed there. Anyways, while Nokia OZO was a somewhat revolutionary product, all that is left now is a lot of audio software that Nokia developed further after the camera hardware production was discontinued.

Unlike hardware, the software part is still being developed, and Nokia is now licensing its audio solutions that are known as OZO Audio. The audio part of OZO consists of Audio 3D, Audio Zoom, Audio Windscreen and Audio Framing software solutions. More about them you can learn at linked Nokia OZO pages.
There is also OZO Playback, which is aimed at smartphone users to get a crystal clear and sound-rich reproduction from loudspeakers of smartphones and intelligent audio enhancement for headphone audio playback.

Nokia Technologies is licensing its OZO audio software solutions, mostly for capturing 360 sound but also for reproduction of the captured sound. Phones that are using Nokia OZO Audio software are Oppo Find X3 Pro family of devices, OnePlus 9 Pro series, ASUS ROG Phone 5, Zenfone 8 phones as well as Nokia X10, X20, G10 and G20 devices.
Nokia XR20 and Nokia T20 tablet are featuring both OZO Audio and OZO Playback.

I must say that audio capturing is superb on Nokia phones. You can really hear the difference of captured sounds with non OZO Audio phones and phones that are using OZO Audio software. Nokia X20 and even Nokia T20 tablet are also great for listening to videos or music reproduced from their speakers, and the sound coming through XR20 stereo speakers is crystal clear and loud.
OZO Audio software is also included in Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 5.4, which can still be found in stores at a great price just in case you are willing to get yourself a Nokia device that features Nokia’s audio solutions. Nokia 8.3 5G is particularly interesting since that device currently has the best main and selfie camera on a Nokia device you can find in stores.

Nokia will be expanding their OZO Audio and OZO Playback portfolio according to a post made by the Head of Technology Licensing at Nokia Technologies, and it will be interesting to see what next is coming to Nokia and other selected partnering devices.

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