Nokia Mobile doing well in the US market

Nokia was always struggling to get a bit of traction on the US market, and things weren’t any different for Nokia Mobile. But, things are finally changing since Nokia saw strong Year on Year growth in the US market, together with OnePlus and Motorola.

The 35% sales increase was probably achieved thanks to carriers that discounted affordable 5G phones, and Nokia has affordable Nokia G300 and Nokia 8 V 5G UW. Furthermore, LG quitting the smartphone business created a hole in the market, which was filled with mostly One Plus (428%), but also Motorola (83%) and Nokia (35%) devices.

Even though the increase is not that large, Nokia Mobile played well with G300 and Nokia 8 V 5G UW (this is Nokia 8.3 5G but for the US carrier Verizon). But, folks in the US can get their hands on other Nokia phones like the affordable G20, Nokia 8.3 5G and currently the best and most stylish rugged phone XR20. I do recommend checking out the Nokia XR20 review since that device is the most versatile Nokia device according to its hardware specs.

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