Nokia 6.1 4GB just 8,499 INR via Flipkart; Nokia 6.1 Plus 6GB 11,999INR via Amazon Prime

Nokia 6.1

There are some sweet deals on Nokia phones right now. In the United States of America, Nokia 9 PureView can be bought for $499, while the price of Nokia 7.1 4GB is reduced to $249 during the Amazon Prime days. Indian retailer Flipkart and Amazon India are also offering good deals on Nokia phones in India.

The good deals include the Nokia 6.1 (3GB) for INR 6,999 (€90), while the 4GB/64GB memory variant in blue-gold will set you back INR 8,499 (€110) via Flipkart. Nokia 6.1 might be over a year old device, but for the price Flipkart asks, both versions are in my opinion a good buy.

Amazon Prime days have kicked off and in India you can get the Nokia 6.1 Plus with 6GB of RAM for INR 11,999 (€155). The Nokia 8 Sirocco is INR 29,199 (€378), while the rest of the Amazon deals you can check here.

If you find more great deals on Nokia phones, do leave it in comments down below. 🙂