Unboxing and hands-on of Nokia 225 4G (Tumsoma)

Nokia mobile continued launching affordable feature phones that support 4G networking connectivity. Nokia 225 4G is the one that brings the ability to use two 4G SIM cards and also supports VoLTE if your local carrier has that option enabled. Here is the unboxing and hands on video done by a YouTube account Tumsoma. Unfortunately, the unboxed 225 4G is in black color, which is a shame since I really wanted to see how sand one looks like.

Anyway, here are the videos. Lets first start with the unboxing, which is kind of natural thing to do when you first by the phone.

I don’t know about you, but I like the new outer look of the new boxes. They look clean and simple with all the needed info there. Hope that Nokia Mobile could place the black phone on top if that one is featured inside the box. Inside you get the 1150 mAh battery, charger and a classic Nokia earphones (WH-108?).

Hands-on video is following, and there you can see all the options that s30+ is bringing.

So, that is Nokia 225 4G, a classic Nokia feature phone but now with 4G connectivity enabled. Anyone going for this one?


Cheers to V_ for the tip 😉