Nokia announces application containers for broadband devices

Beacon 6

If you are among the lucky people that signed a deal with a communication service provider (CSP) that offers Nokia Beacons, then you know what a good internet is. Furthermore, as an owner of a Beacon, you probably know that you can control the Beacons over a dedicated Nokia WiFi app. In the app, you can even measure internet speed, which is a feature that came a year ago thanks to the cooperation with Ookla.


It seems that Nokia is planning on spreading the possibility of using apps made by third-party developers like Ookla in their services. To make the installation of the apps much easier for the CSPs, Nokia announced an application container that enables CSPs to easily install applications that best suits their needs. This way CSP’s can bypass the firmware updates and use the gear without interfering with the functioning of the device or other applications. Of course, this will make CSP’s earn a bit of money in the process. 

Nokia currently supports  F-Secure for cybersecurity, Broadpeak for multicast-ABR video delivery, Cognitive Systems for Wi-Fi motion sensing, Gamebench for performance monitoring, Domos for performance optimization, Ookla for speed test, and NTOP for traffic analysis. 

Nokia’s application containers will be available on the Nokia WiFi Beacon 6, the new Nokia Optical Network Termination XS-2426G-B, and the new Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2.

It is interesting to see what other apps will or could be used for this by CSP’s.

Source Nokia