Nokia 7.1 available in Ireland

Nokia 7.1 (photo:

Since Nokia 6.1 Plus is obviously an exclusive for the Indian market, HMD Global announced Nokia 7.1 that should visit the rest of the markets on our pale blue dot. Nokia 7.1 is already available in some EU markets, and it is slowly spreading to the yet unreached countries. The Nokia 7.1 in nice Midnight Blue color variant is heading to Ireland, where it should be available from 23rd October 2018 for €349. Three, Harvey Norman and PowerCity should be first to offer this device there.

I wrote should be since I checked the websites of the previously mentioned operator and resellers, and  7.1 still isn’t listed there. Nokia 7 Plus is currently the only Nokia with number 7 in its name available in Ireland.

If there are any readers from Ireland, could you check if 7.1 is really available there, and share it with us. Cheers!

Source TechBuzzIreland