Nokia 6310 is available in the UK

Nokia 6310 was one of the icons 21 years ago, and Nokia Mobile is bringing that one back again as a new member of its Nokia originals family. The new 6310 shares some of the lines as the original but it has bigger buttons, sharper and larger screen and supports wireless radio. The 1150mAh battery should last in stand by mode up to 22 days on one charge which makes this phone a nice second or emergency phone.

Also, some might get sick of smartphones intruding daily lives and might want to switch to something more quieter and still usable. But, if you do want to break that quietness, Nokia 6310 is coming with a modern version of Snake game installed.

Check out the official Nokia 6310 Datasheet.


Starting today, the Nokia 6310 is available from for £59.99. You can grab a Dual SIM version at Nokia store in Yellow or Black and shipping is free.

So, maybe it is to early to start mentioning Christmas, but this phone could be a lovely present for your elderly.