New Nokia TA-1399 with 18 W charging certified by CQC

Nokia XR20
Representational Image: Nokia XR20

Nokia Mobile’s next launch event might be just around the corner as it has been receiving numerous certifications from various testing bodies for its upcoming products, especially Nokia G50 and Nokia T20. Not only the certifications, but the Nokia G50 also became the target of leakers. Even the company itself was involved in the very first leak. On the contrary, lots of details about the Nokia T20 are still unknown.

Now, a new Nokia smartphone with the model number TA-1399 was certified by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) on September 7. The input ratings for the device are 5 V at 3 A (15 W) and 9 V at 2 A (18 W), which means that Nokia Mobile could be shipping it with an 18 W power adapter.

With that, the known model numbers of the upcoming devices are as follows:

The support for 18 W charging places the Nokia TA-1399 above the Nokia G50 and Nokia T20 since the other two support only 10 W charging. And Nokia G300 and Nokia X100 are the only other two known Nokia devices among the upcoming ones, so TA-1399 might very well be a variant of one of them unless Nokia Mobile has another smartphone on the way, which it has managed to keep under the wraps.