OPPO is suing Nokia in China

In July of this year, Nokia sued OPPO in four countries (England, France, Germany, and India) after it failed to reach an agreement with the Chinese tech-giant. As per the published report, OPPO has refused to renew a patent licensing agreement which will allow it to use Nokia’s patented technologies on all its products.

Nokia and OPPO has been partners since 2018, and while OPPO has grown into one of the most innovative names in the tech industry, Nokia still owns most of the essential technologies on our smartphones today, including in 5G. This is no surprise as Nokia has reportedly invested over €129Bn on its R&D all throughout its years in business.

But while other companies (which Nokia sued) have eventually reached an agreement with the Finnish tech-giant, looks like OPPO is ready to undergo a complex litigation as it is countersuing Nokia in about 9 countries including India, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and yes, even in China.

OPPO didn’t publicized the reason for the countersue, but we know that this is the first time a company is countersuing Nokia in the last decade. The last time was in 2009 with Apple, and we all know how that end up — Apple eventually paid Nokia royalties, and became one of its licensee.

However, this is just one of the Nokia patent sagas in 2021. Earlier this year, Lenovo have settled its two-year litigation with Nokia after the Finnish sued them for patent infringement allegations.

Daimler, manufacturer of the high-end Mercedes Benz cars, also reached an agreement with Nokia after the Finnish sought to ban its products in key markets if it continues to refuse to pay royalties under Nokia’s own terms.