This is how #Nokia 8’s dual-camera will work

The same source on Baidu Nokibar’s forums that posted the photos of the gold-copper version of the upcoming Nokia 8, published a photo that explains how Nokia 8’s dual-camera system will work.

As we already know, Nokia 8 is HMD’s upcoming flagship that should be announced this month on the 16th August event in London. The phone is rumored to come with a 5.3-inch 2K display and Snapdragon 835 coupled with at least 4GB of RAM. The most interesting part of the phone is the alleged dual-lens camera that will carry the ZEISS branding.

According to the photo above, Nokia 8’s dual-camera will have a few options in the Camera app. The 8 will have two sensors on the back camera setup. One will be the standard RGB (in color) and the other will be a monochromatic that captures Black & White pictures. Nokia 8 will allow the user to choose between capturing a photo using just the RGB (color) sensor, just the mono sensor (Black & White) or utilizing the full potential by using both lenses.

It’s legit to ask why will HMD include a RGB option if the photos using both lenses end up better. Well, a thing we loved about Nokia phones back in the era of Symbian was that they were packed with all available options and technologies, so why not. 🙂

The setting next to the dual-capturing mode are for starting the front camera or to trigger the so called “Dual Camera” feature where both, the front and the rear cameras are on to take a picture of the object that is being photographed and the subject that is holding the phone, but at the same time. Such feature exists, for example, on high end Samsung Galaxy phones and can be checked here.

Last month it was made public that HMD acquired 500 design patents from Microsoft, probably as a part of the last year’s Microsoft-HMD-FIH Mobile transaction worth $350 million. Among the patents are also the one for the Lumia Camera UI, that has probably the best camera interface on the market, and is copied by many manufactures.

Nokia Lumia Camera UI

Considering that acquisition, it would be good for HMD to implement the Lumia Camera’s Pro Mode into the HMD camera, because the Lumia Camera Pro Mode is superior to HMD’s current offering.

I personally find that HMD cleverly solved the UI for the dual-camera/lens option on the upcoming Nokia 8. It is simple to see what camera mode is used, and the addition of just RGB shooting can’t be a bad thing. Down below, take a look at a gallery of a part of the (so far) leaked photos of the Nokia 8.

What do you think about how HMD solved the dual-camera options and overall about the Camera UI on Nokia Android phones? Tell us down below. 🙂

Source: Baidu