Nokia XR20 discounted 21% to commemorate the launch of 3310

Nokia 3210 might be made out of vibranium, but the Nokia 3310 is considered to be the toughest material known to man. That phone is what makes Mjolnir so hard. Nokia invented it back in the 2000s and announced it on September 1st, exactly 21 years ago. To commemorate the launch of the Nokia 3310, Nokia Mobile is offering a discount on its proud successor, the Nokia XR20.

The discount of 21% won’t last forever. The code will be active on 01 September, and in honour of the Nokia 3310, this discount code will only be valid for 33 hours and 10 minutes. If you would like to become the owner of Nokia XR20, which so far looks like a great rugged phone, you need to go to the online Nokia phones store, add Nokia XR20 to the shopping cart, enter the discount code¬†thelegend21, and you should see the price of the device go down by 21%.

The offer is valid from 01 September at 09.00 until 02 September at 18:10, so you better hurry. Also, if you buy this phone, you’ll plant 50 trees, which is nice.