Is there a place for breathing light on Nokia smartphones?

Breathing Light by Nokiaccess

Breathing light is something that owners and long time fans first saw on Nokia devices when Nokia was the No.1 (smart)phone manufacturer. The main purpose of the breathing light was to show you that your Symbian phone is turned on and to notify you if have any e-mail or SMS received, or you missed a call. The light was placed inside the menu button, and later it was replaced by a LED notification light by other manufacturers. I do recall some Nokia Lumia early models had it also.

Nokia Mobile brought this feature back with Nokia 3.2 (correct me if I’m wrong) as a part of the power button, and it was featured on models like Nokia 4.2, Nokia 7.2 and lastly on Nokia 5.3. When Nokia 8.3 5G came with a fingerprint reader placed inside the power button, there was no place for Breathing Light there, so we lost any kind of notification light.

To be frank, I kind of considered it a distraction and was keeping it turned off, but for many, it was a useful feature. With a notification light, you could get notified of missed calls or messages, but with all the apps that can use it, that light would be constantly flashing during the day. Maybe better software management should have been used to control the breathing light, but Nokia Mobile didn’t show any interest in creating a specific software for that probably since it is consuming time and resources.

With fingerprint readers now placed in the power button, the Breathing light is gone, at least on midrange phones. But, it can be put back to use on low-end devices and maybe inside the assistant button on the left side of future Nokia devices if that button stays.

Anyway, the question is whether users really want this feature back on Nokia smartphones or not? What do you say?


Maybe it is time to bring back FM transmitter!


Thanx Nokiaccess for the topic :).