Nokia is the 4th most trusted mobile brand in India

India is a huge market and mobile phone market for many phone manufacturers. Nokia always keeping in focus the Indian market and the same can be said for Nokia Mobile. You can always see that Nokia Mobile is giving special attention to that market through discounts, by running Care Centers or having a working official Nokia store. Indian people were always connected with Nokia and that is why the Nokia brand is the 4th most trusted brand in India. This is coming from the TRA’s brand trust report for the 2019 which you can check here.
The first three places are holding Samsung, Oppo, which is understandable regarding the effort those brands are putting to the market. Strangely, the Indian brands like Micromax or Reliance Jio are not better positioned on the list.
Anyway, it is good to see Nokia there, and they better deliver this year since in 2017 Nokia was the most trusted, and now it is on the fourth place. Also, it is the right time for many people to replace their first Nokia (smart)phones with the newest models.


Thanks NokiaMob Lover for the tip 😉