You can now buy Nokia 3.2 and preorder Nokia 2.2 in Russia

The preorders for Nokia 2.2 are now open in the Russian Federation over the official Nokia webshop. The price of this cheapest Android 9 Pie smartphone is 6990 Ruble, which is around 95 Euros. You can preorder the device in steel and black color, and if you choose to buy it the standard shipping cost is 300 Ruble.

While Nokia 2.2 is still not available, Nokia 3.2 is ready to be delivered to Nokia aficionados in Russia. The price of this device is a bit higher, but that is OK when compared to Nokia 2.2. Even though the line between those two devices might seem thin, Nokia 3.2 has much better hardware, especially the 3/32GB version. This is why the Nokia 3.2 is priced at 8990 Ruble, which is approximately €122. This device is like 2.2 also available in steel and black color. Unfortunately, the version of Nokia 3.2 with 3/32GB of memory and a fingerprint scanner at the back currently doesn’t seem to be available for the Russian market.


Nokia 2.2 in Russia

Nokia 3.2 in Russia

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