Photos captured with Nokia X7 posted in China

Allegedly taken with Nokia X7

An interesting revelation comes from China, where the official Nokia Mobile Weibo account released (retweeted but on Weibo, to be precise) photos captured with the Nokia X7. Considering the whole story about the X-series and the launch of Nokia X6 before the real launch, this isn’t really surprising. The post also has a line that goes like this: “Taken with an X-series ZEISS camera”, and we know that there are no X-series phones with ZEISS lens, at least not yet.

Photos were made by photographer  Feng Xuan Scott using a Nokia X7, shows the exif data spotted by Chinese certification agency TENAA already revealed that Nokia X7 will feature a 12+13MP dual camera setup, but thanks to exif data from photos we know that one camera will have a f/1.8 aperture. You can check photos and rest of the specs revealed by TENAA here.

I won’t go in detail how the photos look (they look good and you can check them at, because I am more interested in the announcement date of Nokia X7. As we can see, a unit was already given to make promo material so my guess is that the announcement is near. We may see the global variant of X7 maybe next week on 11th October, when HMD has an event scheduled in India.

Thanks Shreyas for the tip. 🙂