Nokia XR20 is third Nokia Mobile’s smartphone certified by WPC

It’s been over two years since the last time Nokia’s name popped up on the Wireless Power Consortium list of certified devices with wireless charging. The last Nokia device announced with support for wireless charging option was Nokia 9 PureView, and the first one launched with this battery charging option was Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Both devices supported 5W charging (actually 9PV supports 10W qi fast charding), which was ideal for Nokia Mobile’s chargers DT-500 and DT-10W that came along with Nokia 9 PV at MWC 2019.

I never got a chance to play with new chargers, actually, I did at MEC2019 but for wireless charging of Nokia 8 Sirocco I used older Nokia DT-900 and DC-50 that Nokia launched during Lumia days.
Now, SpeedWarp to 2021, the WPC list is updated again with the recently launched Nokia XR20, which supports 15W wireless charging. This wattage might not be the best currently offered by smartphone manufacturers, but it is a nice addition to the rugged smartphone world which Nokia Mobile entered with XR20.

Lumia 920 and DT-900

Nokia XR20 is a versatile phone that has 18W charging and 15W wireless charging. These specs are perfectly fine for the rugged phone that Nokia XR20 is.

I can only say that faster wireless charging might not be used by many, since that obviously requires an investment of a new wireless charger, but it will offer Nokia a nice way to bundle up the offer of its future devices.