Nokia DT-10W and DT-500 wireless chargers certified by WP consortium


Nokia DT-500 (Photo: WPC)

With the announcement of Nokia 8 Sirocco at MWC2018 this year, HMD also introduced wireless charging to its portfolio of Nokia smartphones. Wireless charging is something the old Nokia with the Lumia devices pushed really hard, and as an owner of 2 wireless chargers I know from first hand the benefits of wireless charging.

The WPC, an organziation that standardizes wireless charging technology “Qi”, certified two new, unannounced Nokia wireless chargers. The first is a portable wireless charger named Nokia DT-500 (picture below the title). If you remember, Nokia also had a portable wireless charger called the DC-50. HMD’s DT-500 looks really nice on WPC’s picture and it was certified recently, on 23rd October.

Nokia DT-10W (Photo: WPC)

The other wireless charger is the DT-10W, looking like the DT-601 from Lumia days. It’s a wired wireless charger with a circular housing. It was certified on the 17th October 2018.

Considering that HMD plans to announce wireless chargers, it is safe to assume that some upcoming Nokia phones will support wireless charging. I won’t speculate what phone will HMD announce, but the announcement may be soon, because WPC certified Nokia 8 Sirocco days before the MWC launch event.

I would really like to see a Nokia midranger with wireless charging. The last one I had was the Lumia 830, and I still miss the simplicity of just putting the device on the charger, without searching for the cable, correct brick or worrying on which side to insert the cable, but that’s now solved with USB Type C. Still, other manufacturers adopt it in their high end devices, and to make Nokia midrangers even more attractive, wireless charging should be there.

Source: WPC