Improve your life with light and new Nokia Smart Lighting products

Today, the Nokia brand reached a new family of products – Internet of Things home products in the form of smart controls for home lighting. The new range of Nokia Smart Lightening products brings classic design and smart features to light bulbs.

These products are manufactured and sold by Smartlabs, a US company founded in 1994, and are fruit of Nokia’s brand-licensing program – just like Nokia phones, TVs, laptops and earphones.

The Nokia Smart Lighting portfolio of products consists of Nokia Smart Lighting Keypad, Smart Lighting Paddle (basically a switch), Smart Lighting Dial, Smart Lighting Bridge, and even a Smart Lighting Outlet.

In essence, as far as I can understand, you can control and finetune all those switches using a dedicated Nokia app, but at the end of the day the products are connected via powerline (existing lines at homes), so losing WiFi won’t mean you will be prevented from turning on light. The products create a dual-mesh network – they communicate via RF frequencies and are connected to the powerline. With the Nokia Smart Lighting Bridge you can use Alexa or Google Assistant, and SmartLabs is working to get the new Nokia Smart Lighting products certified for Apple HomeKit.

I’m not really sure how all of this work and home electrical systems never really interested me, but it does sound nice to be able to schedule lighting, adjust the strength and be able to control the lights remotely, without losing the connivence of just directly pressing a button, dialling a dial or switching a switch – and it’s not dependent on Home WiFi, but the Smart Lighting products use dedicated radio frequencies.

I didn’t find details around the communication or how to setup these things, so I guess we will have to wait and see. If you are in the US, you can pre-order the new products now at, with their price ranging from 40 to 60 dollars per device. If anyone from the US ends-up, getting these, do drop comments on the blog how it all works :D.

Source: Nokia