Nokia health gadgets back in Apple store

After exchanging fire with some serious law suites back in December 2016, Apple and Nokia signed a truce. Each company will profit from cooperation, Apple will be able to use Nokia patents and networking gear at settled fees and prices, while Nokia will be able to continue selling its health gadgets to millions of Apple product users in their retail stores across the USA and Canada. Today Apple started selling the Nokia health gadgets again in its stores. The first move was to reinstate many of recently rebranded health gadgets in their web store and soon after products will be available in the stores. Actually, Apple mentioned that Nokia branded health gadgets both over the web store will be available for pick up in the retail stores between July 21 (Friday) and July 24 (Monday).

Nokia health gadget available at the Apple store will be Body Cardio Scale, Body+ Scale, BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor, and Thermo Thermometer. Hopefully, later this year Apple fans will be able to buy Nokia Steel HR smart analogue watch, one of the best-looking gadgets right now.