If you doubt the indestructibility of #Nokia 3310, buy this €2000 titanium version instead

A week after HMD announced the new Nokia 3310, a well-known luxury Italian brand called Caviar, owned by Perla Penna, started taking pre-orders for a special “Supremo Putin” version of the 3310 for €1600. Now, the same brand is offering a variety of “special editions” of the 3310, with housing made of high quality materials like titanium and gold. The prices vary from 99,000 rubles or €1,550 to 149,000 rubles or €2400, depending on the materials used and if the device has President Putins’ head engraved on its back.

Once by Nokia owned luxury smartphone maker Vertu introduced this month a new Signature series device. The Signature Cobra comes with 439 rubies shaped in the form of a cobra on front of the device, with eyes of emerald. Gold and crystal cover the rest of the Cobra, that was designed by French jewelry house Boucheron. Only 8 units of the phone are manufactured, and they are being sold for €320,000. The Devices will be personally delivered via a helicopter and is only available in China. You can buy it from JD.com here. If you do, please send us some hands on photos. 😉

You can check the Titanium Nokia 3310 by Caviar here. Check more pictures of the titanium and gold Nokia 3310 by Caviar down below.

What would you choose? The Signature Cobra or Titanium 3310? Keep in mind that the Cobra is delivered via a helicopter. 😉

via: RT.com & GSMArena