Nokia X10 versus Samsung Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A22 (Video)

Nokia Mobile started 2021 by launching a large number of phones in the low to midrange segment, but the marketing strategy is a bit different than usual. The main differentiating factor is price, but every price class will probably have a representative in the low-end, midrange, and best-of-the-class hardware group. 

For example, the new Nokia X class is going to bring the best that the industry can offer but in different price segments. Since Nokia Mobile is aware of the competition in the upper price segments, they started this marketing story with X10 and X20. Those devices should be competitive enough with Samsung Galaxy A phones or some Xiaomi and realme phones. 

Samsung took its classic approach and shared the design with its affordable phones, but to keep the price down, Samsung used affordable hardware components.

Do check out how Nokia X10 is doing against Samsung Galaxy A32 which is bringing the design or Galaxy 21 and against Samsung Galaxy A22 which is going to try to compete with Nokia, but mostly with Realme and Xiaomi.

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Vy Vo Xuan did nice speed and camera tests, so do relax and check the videos below.

Nokia X10 vs Samsung Galaxy A32


Nokia X10 vs Samsung Galaxy A22

Qualcomm did better than Mediatek in the tests, which is something most would expect. Nokia X10 is a bit more expensive device than both Samsung Galaxy A32 and A22, and that price difference is seen in the performances. Also, Nokia X10 has a bit better-tuned camera but Samsung does have better low light algorithms, even though the difference isn’t that huge.

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Hope these two videos can help you choose your next device in case you were thinking of getting Samsung’s lower-end midranger or a Nokia X10. 

Nokia X10 might be in the shadow of Nokia X20, but in case you are interested in Nokia X10, do check Abdulla’s review.