Nummela: We are working on different camera partnerships. Substantial investment in IPRs from #Nokia

CEO of HMD Arto Nummela gave an interesting interview for the South African publication Few days ago Nummela made an appearance of India’s NDTV in an great video interviw  worth watching, where the CEO of exclusive licensee of  the Nokia brand said basically that they will announce two flagships.

In this new interview with GearBurn, Arto talked about different aspects of HMD’s business. Few interesting things that Arto said are, for example, that most of HMD’s designers worked on “pretty much all the hit devices” made by Nokia in the last few years. He was asked again about a possible Windows or Sailfish OS device, and Nummela responded that the two operating systems currently enjoy less than 1% global market share, and that Android is customers’ choice at the moment.

The most interesting part of the interview worth reading is the segment about camera and patents. HMD CEO said that he can’t talk about the deal with Nokia, but says that HMD made “substantial investment” in “Intellectual Property Rights” (IPRs) when signing the deal with Nokia, adding that they take imaging extremely seriously.

Call me crazy, but I feel as Arto somehow confirmed ZEISS on future Nokia phones. Maybe I just want that too much to happen, and I’m starting to make things up, but read it for yourself. The full quote from the interview goes: “The HMD CEO did however stress that imaging was “definitely” a basic feature in smartphones and that they were taking it “extremely seriously”. He added that they were working on different partnerships that would be announced in due course.”  Could the partnership be with some other high profile imaging company? Canon, Nikon…

Check out some more interesting paragraphs from the interview down below, but I highly recommend reading the whole thing here on

These are inside-out, Nokia devices, in terms of how they feel, but then also, the soul,” the CEO added. In fact, he claimed that they conducted consumer testing with the new crop of smartphones, removing all branding.
“Most of the people said ‘this must be a Nokia’… And to be honest, the most Nokia (sic) out of all of this was the Nokia 5.”

“Our joint aspiration with this partnership we created is that we are going to be among the top Android players in the coming three to five years.”

“So I can’t also ask you for your thoughts on the conspiracytheory that (former Nokia CEO) Stephen Elop was a mole?” we asked. “I cannot comment. You’ll have to ask Stephen Elop, he (currently) works at Telstra,” Nummela grinned and answered. The HMD CEO noted that they were actually working with Elop as part of Australian launch efforts.

The HMD CEO cited sinking tablet sales and the popularity of two-in-one devices as a reason to leave tablets alone for now.
“So, we don’t have any immediate plans to look at that. If we do something in that space, we want to innovate.”

Once again, you can find the full interview here.

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