working on a five to nine camera setup for mobile phones

Engadget did an interesting post about the future products of company, that was responsible for making the Light 16 multi-aperture computational camera. The origin of the story is at The Washington Post, that was speaking with Light about their project of bringing multiple camera setup to mobile phones. Light is actually working on devices with between five and nine cameras mounted on their backs. The Post took the photo of an early prototype device (header image), and it resembles a lot to that early scheme of Nokia 10 device that showed up on Baidu.

The camera possibilities of that device could be vast. It would be able to record 50MP large photos, have a great field depth control, and even greater optical zoom.

The puzzle is slowly coming together, and there is a big chance of future Nokia flagship device to really house multiple cameras on its back. Roland Quandt reported that HMD is working on a device with high-risk camera setup, and later a new set of info coming from trusty Nokia Anew kind of confirmed the Penta Lens story. We also know that is working closely with FIH (that is also an investor in in bringing the camera tech to mobile, and probably for HMD Global’s devices.

This Nokia device could really be the first proper flagship phone from HMD. Hope they will design the camera housing better than on that proto device.