Nokia 8.3 5G opens July security patch season

If you are a die hard Nokia fan from Symbian era, you will appreciate monthly updates that Nokia Mobile is releasing for its smartphones. If you are a classic Android hot head, monthly updates and Android Build updates are something that keep you going on the same old smartphone. But, waiting for updates can become frustrating sometimes, especially when you are using older Nokia devices. But, Nokia Mobile has a cure for that.

Just recently I noticed a bug on Nokia 7.2 which prevents displaying update info on the system Updates page. The same just happened on Nokia 8.3 which just received July security update, but the info about it isn’t visible, so I can’t tell any more details than this.

This bug could be perfect solution for the frustration that late security and OS updates are causing to the users of Nokia smartphones. This way you just can’t see if the update for Nokia 7.2 is for May, or available at all. This could be the best bug ever, and I must say that monthly security patches are becoming a burden rather then joy bringer.


Anyways, if you know more details about the update for Nokia 8.3 5G, do share it in the comments.


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