A sum up of a Live Q&A session with Wesley Lee

The second edition of Live Q&A with people from Nokia Mobile responsible for bringing Nokia phones to the stores is now over. Nokia aficionados were able to direct questions to Wesley Lee, who is in charge of all SW experiences, and some key technology areas such as camera and display – including both hardware and software planning. He joined HMD Global back in 2018 and was previously working for companies like HTC, TCI/Alcatel, and Motorola/Lenovo. Wesley answered a lot of questions and gave the community some insight into the direction HMD is taking regarding photography and software. He couldn’t talk much about the things HMD is developing, but some tidbits that he could reveal were interesting. He spoke about the PureView brand, cooperation with ZEISS, PureDisplay technology, and many other things.
Wesley is using Nokia 7.2 currently and he is happy how the phone performs. But, he said that there is a place for improvement, and HMD will be addressing some issues in the future.

He also revealed that PureView isn’t related to specific camera technology, but it is credited to the devices that are bringing the latest leading-edge technology in the imaging area.
He also mentioned that HMD most probably won’t be pursuing the same technology Nokia 808 brought since the times have changed, and better results can be achieved with a lesser amount of pixels, better optics, and better algorithms that are now available and not so expensive. He also mentioned that Xenon flash technology is still too big to be inserted in the phone, and one would have to sacrifice battery or some other components. Later he mentioned that HMD is still looking at Light.co technology and that they did some breakthrough.

Allow me to quote him here since this is interesting:
„…we managed a breakthrough in many areas like packaging huge amount of RAW data from the cameras into a single RAW file, synchronization of 5 cameras and fusion of images from 5 cameras with advanced tuning into a final in-built HDR giving you superb details on the phone.“

Later he was speaking about the advantages of having PureDisplay on the phone. The main idea was to get better color representation and good viewability in different light conditions, and there the screen of 7.2 is doing a great job.In the end, he mentioned that ZEISS is involved at every stage of product development. HMD is using Zeiss Labs and certification process to test every Nokia camera module to get related parameters that will be used to create software algorithms for processing the photos.

Do check the answers to get more details about the questions and the answers too. This Live Q&A is a great thing, and above all, a nice way to connect the community with the folks responsible for shaping the phones we’ll be using the next two years. I’m looking forward to a new session.