Nokia Mobile’s India Head of Brand, Media and Digital Marketing joined Coca Cola

Marketing is probably the most important aspect of selling a product. You can have a good product, but if you have bad marketing, it won’t sell. With great marketing, you can even sell average products, but if you have a bad product, no marketing can save it.

Anyways, the whole speech about marketing serves as a prelude to the story of the departure of Nokia Mobile’s Head of Brand, Media, and Digital marketing in India. Aditi Anand joined HMD Global in February 2017, per LinkedIn, and in June this year, she joined Coca Cola as the Head of Creative Strategy.

It certainly is a newsworthy when someone who has been with the company almost since its inception is leaving, but it can also be a breath of fresh optimism with someone new maybe taking a different turn in terms of marketing, brand, and media.

We wish Aditi good luck on her new job!

Thanks everyone for the tips. 🙂