Five made in India Nokia ACs revealed on Flipkart, to launch on December 29

After helping Nokia enter the smart TVs, streaming devices, and laptops segment within a year, Flipkart is all set to lead the launch of Nokia air conditioners this year. On December 21, Nokia and Flipkart actively began spreading the news of the launch of new feature-packed Nokia air conditioning (AC) systems. The Nokia AC store on Flipkart was made visible for the public that mentioned the starting price and the variety of features that the new products would offer.

Now, Flipkart has listed all the five Nokia split inverter ACs revealing the full details. There will be a total of two non-smart ACs and three smart ACs with Wi-Fi. As per Flipkart, the range of Nokia ACs is designed and engineered entirely in India, and manufactured by Panasonic in Haryana, India.


The Nokia ACs will have a smooth curved panel and will be available in White color. The ACs have stepped louvers, hydrophilic aluminium evaporator fin, and hydrophobic aluminium condenser fin.

Fast and Efficient Cooling

Accompanied by the 4-in-1 adjustable tonnage feature that lets you regulate the power consumption by switching the cooling capacity from 1.5/2 ton to 1 ton and/or 1 ton to 1.5/2 ton, the Nokia ACs also feature a quick and high-efficient cooling performance, thanks to the Triple Inverter technology in 1.5 and 2-ton ACs, and Inverter technology in 1 ton AC.

Fresh, Allergen-free, and Odor-free air

Apart from the antimicrobial ionizer, all the Nokia ACs will have two set assorted 6-in-1 filters, in which the first filter set includes Catechin filter, Ag filter, and Herbal filter, and the second filter set includes Activated carbon filter, 0.3 PM filter, and Vitamin-C filter.

Low Noise Levels

The low vibration brushless DC motors and hidden display feature will ensure an undisturbed cooling experience with an indoor noise level of just 38 dB.

Self Cleaning Technology

The anti-corrosive blue fin coating on the coils will protect the ACs from moisture deposition, acid traces, and salt accumulation. The automatic four-stage cleaning process removes the accumulated dirt and the other fine particles from the evaporator with a single click.

iFeel Technology

Using the iFeel technology and intelligent motion sensors, the Nokia ACs will track your movement to ensure regulated cooling in the area around you. You will probably not need a stabilizer as the ACs are designed to withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 165 to 265 V.


The inner grooved copper tubes, a 100% copper condenser, and turbo cross-flow fan with 4-way swing result in rapid heat expulsion. The 1 ton AC has a rotary compressor, while the other ACs have a dual rotary compressor. The Nokia ACs use R32 as the refrigerant.

Remote Control

The native remote control for the Nokia ACs will have LED-backlit buttons as well as night glow buttons and will use two cells to operate.

More features in Nokia Smart ACs

Additionally, the three Nokia smart ACs will have smart features like multiple scheduler, smart filter clean reminder, customized user profiles, and smart diagnosis. Using intelligent geofencing, the smart ACs will have access to self-activation and deactivation. You will be able to control all the AC functions remotely with your smartphone using Wi-Fi. In case you do not want to run your fingers much, you can also operate the Nokia smart ACs based on voice commands using Google Assistant.

Box contents

Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit, Remote Control, Set Installation Plates and Screws, Wiring, 3M Copper Pipe, User Manual

The other specific details of the Nokia ACs are as follows:

Nokia 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

  • Model: NOKIA103SIAI
  • Power rating: 3 Star BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating
  • Cooling Capacity: 3500 W
  • Weight: Indoor unit: 9.5 Kg, Outdoor unit: 22 kg
  • Power Consumption: 685.3 kWh
  • ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): 3.95 W/W

Nokia 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC and Nokia 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Smart AC with Wi-Fi

  • Model: NOKIA153SIAI and NOKIA153SIASMI
  • Power rating: 3 Star BEE rating
  • Cooling Capacity: 5150 W
  • Weight: Indoor unit: 11.5 kg, Outdoor unit: 25.5 kg
  • Power Consumption: 1009 kWh
  • ISEER: 3.95 W/W

Nokia 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Smart AC with Wi-Fi

  • Model: NOKIA155SIASMI
  • Power rating: 5 Star BEE rating
  • Cooling Capacity: 5150 W
  • Weight: Indoor unit: 11.5 kg, Outdoor unit: 27.5 kg
  • Power Consumption: 847.7 kWh
  • ISEER: 4.7 W/W

Nokia 2 Ton 3 Star Split Smart AC with Wi-Fi

  • Model: NOKIA203SIASMI
  • Power rating: 3 Star BEE rating
  • Cooling Capacity: 6200 W
  • Weight: Indoor unit: 11.5 kg, Outdoor unit: 31 kg
  • Power Consumption: 1215.4 kWh
  • ISEER: 3.95 W/W

Across all the Nokia ACs, you will get a warranty of one year on the product and five years on the compressor from the company. As of now, Flipkart has revealed the selling price of only Nokia 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC, i.e., ₹30999 (€343, $421).

Note: The price that is currently mentioned on the product pages is the placeholder/MRP. The actual selling price will be visible on December 29, i.e., on the day of launch. Hence we have not added the price in this article.

For more details, refer to the product pages below: