Nokia Mobile resuming its services in some countries after a temporary closure

Almost everything has come to a standstill because of the ongoing pandemic, but with the help of the rigorous fight against COVID-19 across the world, there are some signs of it weakening in various parts of the world. And, businesses and industries are on their way to resume their operations, wherever they receive the permission to do so, and such is the case with Nokia Mobile.

Due to the orders of the Government of Bahrain, Nokia Mobile had to stop its services in Bahrain on April 23. However, as per the latest guidelines, Nokia Mobile has resumed its services in Bahrain from May 9, including the Nokia Intercol showrooms, which are the official Nokia stores and care centers in Bahrain. As the announcement reads, visitors need to wear a face mask and possibly need to maintain a safe distance from others, while visiting the store.

Similarly, we can also expect Nokia Mobile to resume its operations in other parts of the world in the coming weeks, where it had put a brake on its services. Nokia Mobile also resumed its services in India on May 4, after 40 days of shutdown.

Stay safe, stay healthy!